Many social media websites and search engines claim that they tailor themselves to fit your needs and wants. StumbleUpon will allow you to customize what you’re searching for, so that you only see content based on your likes. That can be a hit or miss, however – just because you like ‘games’ doesn’t mean that you want to see a page about the annual monopoly tournament. There are sites like imgur that let you see photos voted popular by other users, but that still doesn’t really hit the promised spot of tailor fit to you. Other than facebook having a frightening ability to keep your cookies and advertise that bottle of orange juice that you were looking at a week ago across your screen, I’ve never seen anything that can really live up to those claims. Search engines and social media sites will sometimes save cookies, but they rarely tailor themselves to your exact needs and personality, your searches… that is, they have never done this until Flipora was introduced.

What is Flipora, you might ask? You aren’t alone! Many people aren’t aware of this search engine, but that’s certainly going to change. Flipora is one of the better engines for searching content. It’s much like stumbleupon in the fact that you can see multiple pages and essentially ‘flip’ through them. The difference between Flipora and the other social search engines is that the search engine tailors itself specifically to you. Other sites will crowd source and present content to you based on community ratings. As funny as it is to see that up voted photo rated positive by the community, wouldn’t you rather be seeing something that was tailored to you, to your likes?

Flipora delivers that. It actually takes up residence in your browser and sources the content that you look for when you surf the web. If you spend all afternoon looking for a perfect pair of leather boots, Flipora will remember that.

Flipora released a statement about their own program with this quote, “We’ve been making it easy for our users to go back to where they’ve been in the past…what we’re announcing today is a way for users to discover where to go next …”

With a user base of over 8 million, Flipora is cataloging and indexing millions of web pages every day to make sure that the experience they bring to the table is nothing less than extraordinary for its consumers!

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