When it comes to being rich, Forbes is usually a good gauge of who is and who isn’t. Their top 400 list annually denominates who is considered to be the richest people in America. The typical person on this list tends to be the movers and shakers of the business and financial worlds. These are people who have far surpassed the classification of being a millionaire, they are billionaires.

Among this top 400 richest people one will find the name Ken Griffin. He is ranked #89 on said list. Mr. Griffin has made his billions in the financial sector. He founded and runs a hedge fund called Citadel LLC. Based in the Chicago area, he is also well known for his generosity and helping people who are in need.

Basing his status on the Forbes list by his net worth he as worth about $5.5 billion a year ago. He has since raised his net worth through strategic investments to $7 billion. Mr. Griffin is just one of many Chicago area persons who have made the Forbes list.

His wealth can also be measured by his success as a person. He has a happy marriage and 3 beautiful children whom he loves dearly. The compassionate nature of Mr. Griffin does not stop at home life either. He believes that supporting a healthy and happy working environment for his employees is as important as generating wealth.

Citadel has been listed as one of the top 50 workplaces in America for many years. His employees enjoy many perks working in his organizations. As Chief Executive Officer of Citadel, Kenneth Griffin makes sure that every employee is provided a free lunch everyday. He also provides fitness programs, museum tours, and personal gifts to every employee.

As a member of the financial world, he also demonstrates a great level of responsibility. He believes that more regulations should be sought after by financial professionals and that they should be embraced when put into place. He also holds that as financial professionals risk assessments should be taken very seriously and risk itself should be handled in a prudent manner.

Kenneth Griffin supports a limited government. He sets a shining example of how the people should look after one another and not rely on the federal government to take care of them. The Citadel Group also does its part to help support their community with generous donations and aid hen it is needed. The Citadel Group has made considerable donations to such groups as The Art Institute of Chicago, public education, The Children’s Memorial Hospital, Chicago Public Library, and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

As a human being Kenneth Griffin has done his part to help make his small sector of the world a better place for everyone. As a CEO of a major corporation he has gone far above and beyond what many others in his position would do. Truly a great person who desires to use his wealth to help others, that is what makes him great.

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