Makeup is truly an art form, and it should be regarded and respected as such. To make it work for you, you’ve got to know the way that each individual product goes on, and you have to have some humility as well. This means you have to know when you’re doing it wrong, and sadly, a lot of people are doing it wrong when it comes to makeup. Check out these no-nos courtesy of Lime Crime on

1. You’re not making up your eyebrows

When it comes to facial features, your eyebrows should stand out. They give your face shape, and they help you achieve different expressions. So make sure that you shape them and groom them on a regular basis if they are not already and naturally on point.

2. You’re using the wrong colors

Your skin tone has a certain color and specific undertones. Your hair is a unique color. Your eyes have an entirely different color as well. You have to coordinate all of this to match your makeup. Take a look at some celebs online who have similar coloring as you and see what colors they are using. Try to match it up to achieve the same awesome results.

3. You applying chunky mascara

Mascara can do amazing things to make eyes look wider, bigger and more feminine. But if you put on way too much of the stuff, then it’s all wrong. Never go so far with your mascara that you literally have chunks falling off. Check yourself in a closeup mirror to assure that the coating is even and fine. That will do.

4. You’re not purchasing quality makeup

One thing you must do when it comes to makeup is purchase quality products. One great company to try is called Lime Crime. This is a makeup product company owned and operated by Doe Deere. Deere started this cruelty free makeup line to jazz up the makeup industry. The colors stand out as bold and free against the boring shades and colors that most makeup lines employ. Try their lip colors, eye shades and other products to make you stand out too!

5. You’re using too much foundation

This one is important. Foundation can be extremely helpful at evening out your skin tone and hiding scars, spots and blemishes. But it is horrible when there’s too much of it. That’s why you absolutely must go light on foundation. Even if you need a lot, try to use more concealer to spot treat and less overall foundation. And if you have lots of facial hair for a woman, definitely hold back on foundation powder as it will cling to each hair and make them noticeable.

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