Human rights are basically like a compass that we all possess. Human rights are the rights that are supposed to be in innate in all of humanity. They are the rights that each and every human being has just for being born. Human rights should be afforded to an individual regardless of their nationality, where they were born, their language, their ethnic origin, their religion, their looks, their capabilities and so forth. These are rights that should be respected by the rest of humanity as well. Human rights include things like freedom from torture, from execution, from murder, and from injustice. Even though these rights may not always be enforced, the majority of human beings truly believe that these are the rights that they deserve, and they will generally do anything to protect these rights or to attain them as well.

The concept of human rights for Yeonmi Park has not always been a part of humanity. There have been many times throughout history where monarchies or dictators ruled. These were single individuals that would lead a whole area or country of people. These were individuals that may have instituted things such as genocide, enslavement, and ethnic cleansing. While the basic human conscience would prevent a person from taking away any of the human rights of another, with enough influence and brain washing, it is possible for a person to truly believe that another individual is not deserving of their own human rights.

It is very fortunate for those individuals that are living in the Western world, because the majority of Western countries do have a very big concept of human rights, and they have fought many wars for those rights to be accepted and protected. In 1948 the Universal declaration of of human rights in Paris was formed by the United Nations General assembly. This development came about after the second world war when all of the atrocities of the Holocaust came to light. There were many countries that formed this Universal declaration of human rights, but there are still some countries in the world that do not abide by its guidelines.

North Korea is a country that has done much to infringe the human rights of its citizens. They enforce strict punishment for minor offenses, and they do all that they can to restrict what the people in their country watch, listen to, and ware. Youtube’s Yeonmi Park is a woman that has defied North Korea. She and her family were able to escape from North Korea all the way down to South Korea. On her journey she had to go through much pain and heartache, but because of that she has become an even stronger woman. Parks is the spokesperson for human rights in North Korea and beyond. She gives many speeches and lectures about the atrocities of North Korea, and she is a leader in the fight for human rights around the world.

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