The summer of 2015 is going to be a giant season for video game developers. Games such as the ‘Elder Scrolls Online,’ ‘Batman Arkham Knight,’ and ‘The Witcher 3,’ will be released, but most gamers cannot wait to play ‘Batman Arkham Knight.’ The Batman game will feature a unique experience while in Bruce Wayne’s world.

‘Batman Arkham Knight’ looks visually amazing, and it’s obvious that the Xbox one and PlayStation 4 have used every ounce of power to create such a masterpiece. Sadly, Nintendo Wii U users will not be able to purchase ‘Batman Arkham Knight.’ The Nintendo console simply cannot withstand the graphic requirements of the new game. Nonetheless, developers of ‘Batman Arkham Knight’ have recently revealed some important information about the game.

Brad Reifler reveals that ‘Batman Arkham Knight’ will allow players to use more than one character. This means that Batman’s sidekicks Catwoman and Robin will be controllable by the gamer. However, it appears that multiplayer will not be featured in ‘Batman Arkham Knight.’ Gamers were hoping for a cooperative multiplayer experience, but unfortunately, that will not be included in ‘Batman Arkham Knight.’ However, ‘Batman Arkham Knight’ will be the best single player experience that fans of the famed franchise have ever played. ‘Batman Arkham Knight’ will release on June 23, 2015. For more information on this game, visit

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