Beyblade is the game of spinning tops, riveting stuff — we know. Yet the franchise has managed to make some serious cash as it marketed itself to young fans. Utilizing a series of cartoons and then branding a series of toys based off of those cartoons, Beyblade turned into one of the big franchise for children these past ten or so years. Now it appears that the franchise might be getting their own live action film!

In our age of live action anime adaptations, ‘Attack on Titan’ being one of the most highly anticipated, we shouldn’t really be surprised to see Beyblade get in on the action. Paramount Pictures is headlining the development of the series and they are uniquely qualified in order to do so. Paramount has already turned two toy franchises into blockbuster action films with their work on ‘Transformers’ and ‘GI Joe’. Actually, the more we think about it the less zany this actually seems — we even have a darn Lego movie. So who are we to roll our eyes at this?

Fans like Sam Tabar ( know that the series will likely follow along one of the original iterations of the series in a condensed manner. We anticipate that a special focus will be focused more on the mystical/spiritual element of the series rather than the actual game of spinning tops. In the series Beyblades are possessed by spirits that make them work and do battle.

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