Bruce Levenson is an American businessman who has owned a professional basketball team along with participating in a number of philanthropic activities. He was the co owner of the Atlanta Hawks along with owning the Philips Arena. Levenson has also been a part of the Governor of the Atlanta Hawks on the NBA Board of Governors for the last 11 years. Besides being a prominent figure in National Basketball Association team ownership, he also co founded a very successful corporation. He is the co founder of United Communications Group and has been running this company since 1977. Bruce Levenson has also been a founding member and one of the Board of Directors for TechTarget which is an information technology media corporation.

In terms of Bruce Levenson’s early life, he was born on October 1, 1949 in Washington D.C. He grew up in the suburb of Chevy Chase, Maryland and attended Washington University in St. Louis. Levenson would later attend and graduate law school at American University. During his time of attending law school at night, he started his career in journalism for the publication Washington Star.

After beginning his journalism career, Levenson co founded his company United Communications Group in the year 1977. The company was based in Gaithersburg, Maryland, where Levenson based the company in his apartment. This company he founded published a newsletter called Oil Express which discussed the latest developments in the oil industry. Over time, UCG obtained other newsletters and assembled databases such as Oil Price Information Service. The company United Communications Group has been a privately held business information media conglomerate which covers a number of topics including basic data, news and analysis of healthcare, energy, mortgage banking, technology, telecommunications and other sectors in business. The company UCG also owns another company called GasBuddy that helps drivers find low gas prices.

In 2004 Time’s Levenson acquired the Atlanta Hawks NBA basketball team and became one of the majority partners of it. He along with other businessmen own the Atlanta Hawks and the arena they play in known as Philips Arena. Levenson initially acquired the Atlanta Thrashers NHL hockey team but sold it in 2011. While being owner of the Hawks, Levenson is also a member of the NBA Board of Governors. In 2012, Levenson hired Danny Ferry to become the general manager and president of basketball operations for the team. In 2014, Bruce Levenson decided to sell his share of ownership of the team and is currently facilitating the sale with an investment banking firm.

While being a very successful businessman and NBA team owner, Levenson is also known to be a big philanthropist. Over the years he has participated in a number of charitable activities to help improve the quality of life in his community. Bruce is also active politically as well as he has called for significant action in America’s foreign policy in the Middle East. Levenson is also married with three children. He currently lives in his homes in Atlanta, Georgia and Potomac, Maryland.

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