Sergio is a Spanish-born impersonator of the late king of pop. He has a great resemblance that is impressive to the followers of the great icon. Since the death of Michael Jackson in his Los Angeles mansion in 2009, many people surfaced to take his place. Some even underwent plastic surgery to make a career out of the late star’s music. One man stood the best among all, Sergio Cortes. He is known to the world of entertainment with his cool dancing styles and choreographies that are very close to those of Michael.
Michael had the chance to meet the king of pop when he was a child. His mother had taken him to the Jackson five shows in his hometown where Michael was performing. Since then, Sergio fell in love with the stars songs and lifestyle. Sergio love for the star dint goes unnoticed. He received an invitation to attend a photo shoot dressed like Michael. Sergio took the opportunity to pays attention to his career and loved it even more. The photo session he made as an adolescent give him the motivation that his efforts would pay well. He then advanced his training and the accumulated more fans with his excellent performances.
Sergio acknowledges his love for Michael. He has the best look alike for the king of pop. Sergio is talented with a voice that is very similar to that of Michael Jackson. When he performs, one cannot miss to confuse him with the famous star. Since the death of Michael Jackson, most of his fans grieved the loss of the icon and more worried of his songs. Sergio has perfectly fitted in the gap and Michael would surely be prou8d of him.
Sergio has more than 16000 followers on his Facebook page. The majority of the followers were those of Michaels. He also has a reputable online presence in Twitter with many fans willing to catch up with the artist. He also performed in numerous shows around the world as a tribute to the late king of pop. The tribute to Michael Jackson show he played in Barcelona carried great memories of the star with his fans. Sergio also vows to do his best to keep the memories of his favourite actor alive. Through his performance, the artist has pushed the impossible to the limit by training and being like Michael.

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