On December 28, 2015, MarketWatch covered the same day “Guardian” op-ed piece by business leader George Soros about the recent uptick of anti-Muslim sentiment in the United States. Soros specifically pointed to Donald Trump and Ted Cruz as very public sources within the Republican party that are pushing this agenda along with other Republican leaders.

Soros offered a detailed breakdown of the damage that anti-Muslim sentiment is doing to America and the American people. He noted that by creating an atmosphere of fear of all Muslims, Republican leaders are actually acting as terrorist groups like al-Qaida and ISIS/ISIL want them to act.

He pointed out that these groups are not in a position of strength in their home countries. As a result, their only option is to manipulate people in other areas of the world to indirectly support their cause to attract more Muslims to their way of thinking. Soros stated that blocking country borders from Muslim refugees and supporting the belief that all Muslims are potential terrorists can lead to Muslim youth and adults feeling like they have no other option but to turn to terrorism to protect themselves from oppression. Soros noted specifically that a younger generation’s resentment about an older generation’s fears creates a “breeding ground for potential terrorists.”

Many Republican leaders have been the most prominent in the country to spread anti-Muslim sentiments. Their actions seem to be politically motivated because of the upcoming presidential election. They appear to be using anti-Muslim sentiments as a jumping off point about topics related to leadership and negative comparisons involving the Democratic party and its leaders. Racism and religious discrimination against Muslims have also increased in recent months with Republican presidential candidates pushing anti-Muslim sentiments while also heavily criticizing President Obama’s opposing reactions to the subject of terrorism. Additionally, as Soros explained, these loud, public expressions of anti-Muslim sentiments in the United States are influencing the thoughts and actions of the many different peoples of Europe in a negative way increasing racism and religious discrimination abroad.

Lastly, Soros expressed his belief that the best way to stop this cycle is to resist becoming closed off as a nation and individually. He also stated that people need to resist leaders whose words and actions indirectly support terrorism even as they publicly denounce it.

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