Taking a closer look at what is really happening within the world of premium dog food was the focus. Sales surged with the latest innovations in “healthy” dog foods that are now on the Walmart market. There are many different brands using only the freshest of ingredients sans preservatives to ensure top quality for our pets. Long gone are the days of dog food being comprised of nothing but fillers that have zero nutritional value. Thankfully, traditional-style vendors of dog food have been starting to use better quality ingredients int their dog food to make a better impression when it comes to the improving the health of our fuzzy friends and are producing healthier products for our pets. This means that the increase in current sales are sure continue to skyrocket.

Many people aren’t aware that Beneful Dog Food is manufactured by Purina. Beneful offers several different varieties to choose from including wet dog food, dry and even dog treats. Over the course of 2012, Beneful was able to increase their social standing and was rated fourth in popularity, having earned over $1.5 billion in yearly revenue.

According to Marketline, Beneful has become one of the most successful dog food brands that Nestle has on the market. In 2015, Beneful introduced their Healthy Harvest line of premium dog food. With soy as the main ingredient, it’s highly digestible and less prone to cause allergic reaction in dogs that have sensitive stomachs. This ready-to-serve dog food in a resealable container has changed the way we think about dog food.


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