The internet is the great equalizer, at least when it comes to giving a voice to the people. That voice, logically, extends to every person no matter how big or small they are in the grand scheme of things. As a result many businesses and celebrities are now able to engage people in an almost intimate way via social media and this can lead to an increased brand awareness or, in a negative fashion, social media blunders that cost companies money. Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes ran into an avoidable social media blunder that could have been solved by one simple meeting with a company like Status Labs.

Ryan Holmes had to lay off 65 employees from his company across their five largest offices. Obviously layoffs are an integral part of managing a company when times are tough but they aren’t enjoyable and nobody really wants to see them occur. So Holmes took to Instagram after the layoffs occurred and he posted a picture holding a glass of liquor with a caption that said, “Cheers to my homies.” Immediately backlash started to rain in on Holmes and Hootsuite with former employees believing that the CEO was making light of their terminations. Was his post innocent? Probably, but the outcome was negative.

Status Labs is an online brand and reputation management company that focuses on working as a digital PR firm for individuals and corporations alike. Had Status Labs been a part of Holmes and his company then the controversial Instagram post never would have made it to the internet. Status Labs would have social media handlers in place to help vet the process of posting images, making sure that their best foot is always going forward.

Understanding how people react and how to work social media is a profession in and of itself and many people don’t realize its importance. As of yet we still haven’t seen an official response from Hootsuite regarding the Instagram post but we can only imagine that they don’t want to make things worse. Maybe next time they’ll consider working with a team like Status Labs to stay ahead of the pack.

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