Jon Urbana is an artist who chooses to express himself creatively through filmmaking and video editing. Jon Urbana oversees Next Level Lacrosse Camp each summer enjoys photography and many activities involving the outdoors and nature. He is currently working to improve his home community of Denver, CO by working with Earth Force and the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society. Jon Urbana expresses his love for the outdoors in videos posted to his Vimeo page which document his adventures around the United States of America and the world.

Nature videos are some of Jon’s top uploads, he often features clouds moving swiftly through a time lapse style video. In the video “Time Lapse From the Lake,” Jon shows high clouds speeding past as a sunset changes the coloring of the sky over a lake. The video, also posted as a Vine on Twitter, is 10 seconds long and captures a number of small detail changes in the distant city and foreground as the time lapse is taken.

After Villanova, Jon spent some time traveling to New York City, NY. Urbana created a video entitled “Skyline Shots from My Trip to NYC,” to spotlight some of his favorite skyline footage which he took himself in December. The video was filmed on a river overlooking a long portion of the NYC skyline and also features some river activity as a sail boat gently cruises in the background. More details can be found on Urbana’s blog,

Continuing the time lapse cloud theme commonly found in Jon Urbana’s videos, his Vimeo post entitled “Golden Gate Bridge: a Raw Timelapse,” features a wide angle shot of the landmark red bridge. Huge foggy clouds drift through the bride and the bustle of traffic traveling to and from San Francisco, CA on the famous bridge. This video is a unique creation from Jon Urbana as it features music to go along with the speedy time lapse.

A simple 18 second video posted by Jon to his Vimeo shows clouds again, paired with flying, one of Jon’s top passions. Jon is an FAA licensed airman and has several other videos from his time spent in the air. This video features sound from inside the plane’s cabin and slow moving clouds under the plane’s wing.

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