Marcio Alaor is a true revolutionary in the world of banking and proves that he is among the best just by the work ethic that he demonstrates on a daily basis. This work ethic is something that was honed during the days that he worked as a shoe shiner. He knew that the job that he had was not great but he still always took pride in the work that he did. He made sure that he was always working the hardest and was the best shoe shiner possible. It ended up that this work ethic truly paid off for Marcio Alaor.

Dr. Wilmar was one of the executives of BMG bank in the past who took notice to the way that Marcio Alaor took pride in his work. He saw that he was a shoe shiner but he also saw that he took pride in the work that he did. He made sure that there was nothing wrong with the shoes that he shined and always wanted to talk to the clients to know how they liked the work. He also made conversation with them which made the shoe shining process a pleasant experience for Dr. Wilmar.

According to, Since Wilmar saw that Alaor had a very strong work ethic, he wanted to bring him into the bank. He knew that he would be able to bring a lot to the bank and that he would make the bank a better place but he didn’t want the young man to think that he could just be handed everything in life. He did not want to mess up the work ethic that Alaor had that Wilmar admired him for. He chose to offer him an entry level position according to the Marcio Alaor Blog. This was his first opportunity to work in banking.

The opportunity that Dr. Wilmar gave Marcio Alaor was one of the best things that could have happened in his life. Marcio Alaor proved Dr. Wilmar right and showed him that he could quickly learn. He never stopped pushing to be better and still continues to do so even though he is now the vice president of the company that he started at. As he worked his way through the ranks at the BMG bank, he was able to show people what he was doing. He became one of the most successful vice presidents that the company has ever seen.


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