Mariah Carey’s career lately has been on a rollercoaster, her personal life has also been through some tough times. For most of the year it has seemed that Mariah has been cursed by her divorce, almost all of the bad press and horrible performances she has had happened almost immediately following her divorce. Lately Mariah has been trying to put her career back on the right track and win back the love and admiration of her fans. She started her Las Vegas residency and it seemed to be getting off to a good start but things turned sour quickly.

According to Steve Murray, for the first few nights of Mariah’s residency were a hit, her vocals were on point, she didn’t have any bloopers and the audience responded to her amazingly. The drama started just a week after her residency began, when her fans were turned away at the door after Mariah abruptly canceled her show. This was bad for business because often times fans fly to Vegas to see performers, so many people were let down that her fans started to shy away from buying tickets to her upcoming shows. Days later Mariah redeemed herself with a flawless performance the the Billboard Music Awards.

Now it Mariah has made another amazing deal, but this one is something no one saw coming. Apparently Mariah has signed a contract with the makers of “Game of War,” and is set to be the new hot girl in the next round of commercials. We all know Kate Upton as the famous face of the game but now it looks like Mariah is taking over.

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