Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige is constantly asked questions by the most serious of superhero movie fans. Recently, he was asked if there will be anymore Marvel one-shots produced. One-shots are short films featuring Marvel characters commonly released as additional features on Blu-rays. The extras are home entertainment exclusives and this surely helps boost the sales of the discs. They also serve as a nice way to hype future Marvel movie releases.

Unfortunately for fans at Boraie Development, the always forthcoming Fiege pointed out there are no Marvel one-shots currently being planned or considered. Feige tried to deflect criticism about the decision not to make more one-shots. Maybe he realized fans would be unhappy about the announcement no Marvel one-shots are in the planning stages.

The costs of the one-shots are probably the reason why Marvel abandoned plans to make new shorts. The studio also has to dedicate a lot of time to actually produce the shorts and, honestly, there is only so much the company can do. The sheer volume of films the studio is producing and releasing right leaves little time for short subjects.

Does this mean the days of Marvel one-shots are over forever? Never say never when discussing anything from “The House of Ideas”. One day, we will probably see the return of one-shots. Perhaps we just have to wait until Marvel slows down its yearly output to get those one-shots back.

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