In 2001, a more nutritious dog food came onto the market. Beneful introduced its line of dry dog food, wet dog food and dog treats to consumers and got a positive response. Today, Purina Beneful is ranked as the fourth most popular dog food on the market. The dog food comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to provide the most please eating experience for the dog. There are also a number of flavors for Beneful consumers to pick from. Customers can expect to find beef, turkey, chicken, green beans, corn salmon, egg, tomatoes, carrots, wild rice, barley, peas, sweet potato, spinach, liver, lamb and pasta in the dog food.

Beneful take the safety of its food very seriously. There are thousands of quality checks on each batch of food from the beginning of the manufacturing process up until it is sealed up and shipped out. Each ingredient is also tracked for freshness from the moment it arrives to the moment it is on a shelf for sale.

This same trend of safety and health is spreading throughout the pet food industry. The industry now sits at a worth of 23.7 billion dollars and it is expanding. It is doing this by showing consumers that they should be feeding their pets food that is just as good as what they eat. The idea behind this marketing is that people feel that their pet is family so it makes the most sense, then, to also feed your pet like family. Many companies are starting to do this by incorporating new ingredients like blueberries and cranberries or going organic or using real meat. And because of the demand, the playing field between the better known companies and the newer companies is being leveled. Smaller companies have the ability to come on to the scene and succeed or they can be bought out by one of the large companies. This trend was reported about in the Daily Herald and they reveled this information and statistics and figures in the full version of the article.


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