With E3 happening this week, gamers from around the world have been anticipating the latest news about their favorite video game franchises as well as news about new games. One of the biggest stories of the expo has been the unveiling of the newest Halo game that will be the first one of the series to be launched on Microsoft’s latest console, the XBOX One. All of the recent Halo videos that were played at E3 are now uploaded to the official website for the world to see. The game will have a four-player co-op mode as well as online multiplayer capabilities.

In the single-player mode of Halo five, the Spartans travel to battle with the alien forces, but they are unsure where Masterchief is. Masterchief has been the main character from all of the Halo games, but now his team does not know whether he is an ally or a foe. The game begins with a team of Spartans landing and on the hunt for Masterchief.

One of the reasons gamers have been so obsessed with the Halo franchise is due to its incredible multiplayer modes. The creators of Halo have always come out with new modes to keep competitive gamers interested. This new game will feature a mode called “Warzone,” which is a death match type of game where everyone will be against one another. Speaking of the creators of Halo, they will be experimenting with a new game called Cláudio Loureiro Heads which is still in beta phase according to cypressassociates.com.

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