It might sound strange to some people that find this article, but I put a lot of thought and time into researching the different kinds of dog foods that are available in the local pet store that I visit. Why do I care so much? I care about this issue because my dog is so important to me. He’s the only friend I have. We have adventures together. We’re going to be running around having adventure for years to come. I have pictures of him all over my social media pages because he is like a child to me, and I want everyone to know how much I care about my best friend. My best friend can’t feed or buy food for himself, so what do I do? I have to make these decisions for him by providing him with the best, highest quality dog foods on the market. News About Premium Dog Foods I’m here today to share with everyone that Beneful brand dog food is the best food on the market. Premium brands have safety measures in place to define their production, and Beneful cares about the way their food is made in this way. Purina is the company that makes Beneful, and Purina was discussed in this article from the Daily Herald. In the article, a manufacturing chief and a chief executive officer of one of the premium dog food manufacturers actually cut into dog food and try it for themselves. Beneful cares about how their food tastes, and they provide the highest quality ingredient to make their premium dog food stand out among other brands. Beneful makes 20 flavors of their Chopped Blends. I buy Chopped Blends for my dog, and we try new flavors every week. He seems like he likes the chicken kind of Chopped Blends the best so far, but he still devours the other Chopped Blends flavors without missing a beat. Knowing that he likes his food is half of the battle. I respect Beneful’s manufacturing process. Here’s that article from the Daily Herald that I suggest that people read.

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