One Life To Live was one of the longest running soap operas in American television history. It began airing on ABC in 1968. One Life To Live ended its television run in January of 2012. In 2013 the show briefly became a web series but it officially came to a halt in August of 2013 due to some legal issues with the production companies. One Life To Live centered around the lives and happenings of the very wealthy Lord family as well as the Riley family and many other families who lived in the made up town of Llanview where One Life To Live was set. Over the years many many characters have come and gone. One of the most popular characters being Stay Morasco played by the actress and Instagram superstar Crystal Hunt.

Crystal began playing Stacy in early 2009 and played her for about a year until the characters death in early 2010. After the character died Hunt did come back to play Stacy’s ghost for a few episodes. Stacy was working as a stripper when she follows her sister Gigi and Gigi’s love interest Rex back to Llanview in the hopes of stealing Rex from her unsuspecting sister. Although Stacy succeeds in sleeping with Rex her plans begin to fall apart when she suffers a miscarriage. After suffering the miscarriage Stacy decides to come up with a new plan, however that plan soon falls apart also and Stacy is outed as a liar and a schemer. She eventually dies when she falls into a lake although Rex did attempt to save her.

Before playing Stacy Morasco on One Life To Live Crystal also played on another very popular soap opera. Crystal played Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Light for many years and she has highlight reels of her best work on Vimeo. In that time she also starred in many movies. One of her biggest roles of the time was playing Jill in the film The Derby Stallion in 2005. After playing Stacy on One Life To Live Crystal went on to play in a number of movies. In 2014 she played Molly in the movie 23 Blast, in 2015 she played Lauren in the film Magic Mike XXL as well as playing herself in television show Queens of Drama. Also in 2015 Crystal was the producer of her first feature film called Talbot County. Aside from acting some of her hobbies include volleyball, dancing, jet skiing, water skiing and volunteering for kids and animals.

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