QNet is one of the most successful and arguably the widest-reaching direct selling company on the world wide web. QNet has recently signed a deal with Manchester City, the football club, to be their exclusive, official direct selling partner. QNet also has plans of building a production headquarters in India, because operations in the country of India have done amazingly well since its inception about a decade ago.

QNet is so popular because of the high earning potential that QNet offers its employees. Employees purchase goods from QNet at wholesale-or-better prices, who then market and resell the product to consumers. Employees generally make a relatively high profit from each item sold, not to mention the freedom to run their own business. People who sell QNet’s products can advertise the products on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or any other media they choose. It is easy to be one’s own boss when working for QNet, and be able to follow one’s own business strategy and work schedule.

QNet’s operations in India have more than doubled in size since 2012-2013, which is one of the largest gains in QNet history. QNet financial analysts and business executives expect to net a cost benefit of between eight and twelve percent, which is fantastic for as large a company as QNet. When companies reap large amounts of revenues, such as QNet, just a small contribution margin can result in major profits.

Many people who are not informed of QNet’s business model tend to get QNet mixed up with multi level marketing schemes and pyramid schemes, but QNet’s direct selling strategy is exponentially different than multi level marketing and pyramid schemes. QNet’s direct selling business strategy is unique in the idea that it works directly with its employees, not with employees/recruiters who sell products and refer individuals to become sellers/recruiters. QNet is a direct selling company, and direct selling is one hundred percent moral, ethical, and legal, by nearly the entire world’s standards.

QNet has office branches in many countries around the world, and operates in more than on hundred companies. Because QNet operates partially online, QNet opens the door for many people who work from home or their computer, so they can start selling products for QNet and make some side money.

QNet is very reputable and honest, and is known to pay its employees very well. People continue to buy products from QNet vendors because they are very cheap compared to other direct selling companies’ products, and QNet sellers are able to market their products however they feel will earn them the most exposure and will be most cost-effective. QNet is undoubtedly one of the best direct selling companies in the entire world.

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