Michael Jackson is gone but definitely not forgotten. In fact
His fans are so truly hungry for him and his unique talent, that with just a little shift in consciousness they can watch him being channeled through various Michael Jackson impersonators.

There are many performers who have taken on Michael Jackson’s legend to create entire professional careers and extravaganzas. Brazilian artist, Sergio Cortes, written about by Segs.com.br,  is one of the most famous impersonators. I visited his web site and found a video of his performance which was amazingly authentic and featured beautifully costumed dancers, backup singers and special effects. For all intents and purposes, it might have been the real thing and appeared an exciting performance and joyful homage to the music icon. Sergio Cortes , written about by Niteroi.rj.gov.br, is very passionate.

The American impersonator, Joby Rogers performs July 25, 2015 at the Sitnik Theatre of the Lackland Center in New Jersey with what is called “The Ultimate Michael Jackson Experience”. He was selected by Michael Jackson himself as an “Official Substitute”. He is another artist who has made a career of learning and refining the quintessential music and dance moves of the beloved performer.

There are many Michael Jackson impersonators, including women. I checked listings for performers near San Diego, CA and found gorgeous photos of many, many tribute artists. Clearly this was a man who touched the hearts of thousands of people who still want to watch their hero perform alive again and again. It isn’t the real person, but it was inspired by him and re-created to please not only the audience, but the performer as well.

Michael’s mother Katherine Jackson honors her son with a birthday party every August in Gary Indiana. This year with the help of celebrity performers, she wants to raise money for charities for children. And interestingly, there will be a $5,000 prize given for the best dance performance which will surely show case many young and perhaps not so young Michael Jackson impersonators. And through them all, aspiring or professional, Michael Jackson lives on.

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