Take a second to visit the Sergio Cortes Twitter account or his fan page on Facebook, you will be floored at the uncanny resemblance to Michael Jackson. He dances just like MJ, he walks and talks just like the legendary king of pop. Cortes even sings exactly like Michael Jackson, it is truly something you need to see and hear for yourself. His incredible story is more about his love for his idol, and hi lives and breathes everything Michael Jackson every day of his life.

Despite the fact that Sergio Cortes looks exactly like Michael Jackson, he states that impersonating the legend is actually very hard work. He may look exactly like Jackson, but being able to make it look so easy is a testament to the fact this is his life passion, not a passing hobby. His goal is to keep the spirit of Michael Jackson alive for all his fans to enjoy.

Sergio Cortes was born on July 30, and is 43 years old. The story of how he wound up on this unique journey dates all the way back to when he was just a young boy. It was his mother who said he should have a picture taken because he closely resembled the them younger Jackson. This was back when Michael was still working with his brothers in the Jackson 5. That picture went on to take Cortes on a journey he could have never imagined. Cortes says, “I remember I used to pay close attention to Michael sang, the way that he danced, and how he then carried himself at such a young age with all the media and his growing fan base.

Sergio Cortes believes that the photos taken of him back then had huge positive and long-lasting repercussions. Since those days long ago, Sergio has received numerous invitations to perform on the popular shows like the American Idol and others.

Today you can see that Sergio has over 16,000 fans following him on Facebook. It’s social media platforms that give Sergio an ability to showcase his unique skills, and give him the opportunity to speak directly with all his fans.

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“It’s hard when you need to incorporate good and bad attributes of the person you are impersonating” says Cortes.

Source: R7.com

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