Michael Jackson entered in the life of Sergio Cortes when he was a child. At that time, Michael was singing in the Jackson 5 group, and he was the youngest of all, and Sergio’s mother remembered only the name of Michael. Thereafter, Sergio watched the presentation of the Jackson % on TV, paying more attention to the lead singer in the band, Michael Jackson who was also a young boy. Practically, he began impersonating Michael Jackson during his teenage years when a reporter asked him to be dressed like MJ and pause for photos.
When these photos were posted, the audience received them positively and they sent invitation to Sergio Cortes asking him to perform in various events. Since then, Sergio became famous and began focusing on impersonating MJ as a career. Today, Sergio Cortes heads Destiny Projects, a company in the showbiz industry that focuses on managing and developing artists and their talents. Indeed, through his skills, talents and passion, Sergio was able to copy all the moves that were largely associated with the late Michael. According to him, it is a privilege to be able to do it perfectly where others have failed.
Sergio Cortes has one character that has favored him a lot, and that is his physical appearance. Someone who had never heard of him may think the legendary MJ is back to life because of the similarity in their appearances. For this reason, Sergio is considered as the greatest impersonator of Michael Jackson and no one can dispute it or challenge him. Sergio’s voice, moves and dancing styles match those of MJ in equal measures. In fact, since Michael passed on in 2009, Sergio Cortes has managed to keep his fans entertained in the same manner MJ was doing.
Today, several entertainment companies have been requesting Sergio Cortes to attend their shows and perform like Michael Jackson. After the death of MJ in 2009, Sergio says he was deeply affected by the sudden death of his idol, but when he performs, he is able to overcome the pain. Sergio has a large following on his social media accounts; his Facebook page with over 16,000 fans. In addition, his fans can follow him on his Twitter . Through these social networks, Sergio has managed to talk to his fans and also get several new proposals. Additional info can be found on Noticias R7.

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