It is astounding how many visual search startups have sprung up over the past few years in order to answer the demand for new technology to make online shopping easier. Online shopping in itself is a more convenient way of shopping when compared to the traditional methods of visiting stores in order to purchase items. However, visual search technology has taken online shopping to a whole new level with artificial intelligence standing by the user’s side. Companies have crated entire systems of sophisticated AI that is prepared to search through the long inventories that major retailers and online stores currently have in existence.


With this image recognition technology, all the users have to do is take a picture of an item that they want to buy for themselves, and the application on their smartphones will do all the investigative works. In a recent Live Mint article, a user who has experienced the ease of visual search databases gives her side of the story. She claims that this technology is worthy of our time and invested energy. In terms of actual investments, many startups in the visual search industry are finding it easy to create a network of partnerships with online retailers and actual real life stores. The retailers, on the other hand, are not yet equipped with a method for dealing with their inventory adjustments from sales in visual search markets.


One of the larger and more competitive visual search applications out there is Slyce. Slyce has redefined online shopping with their approach to the visual search industry. The company was once a tech company that dealt with similar search issues on a user’s computer system, however, they have now fully transitioned into a visual search for online shopping company. They have been quite successful with their application, which is free to use.


Slyce has partnered with retail giants, like Home Depot and Tilly’s, to offer users a unique and reliable experience. They have fulfilled the customer care aspect of visual search shopping by hiring their own team of skilled shopping assistants. This gives Slyce an added layer of accuracy that other visual search companies do not currently have. If the AI that Slyce uses is not accurate, the customer care team will be there to guide the user’s searches in order to give them a degree of precision.

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