People make mistakes. It is a cold hard fact of life, and Status Labs is more aware of this than other companies. That’s because Status Labs works in second chances. That is why the company announced that they would offer free crisis communications counceling for those affected by the Ashley Madison Hack, according to a recent article on Business Wire.
Status Labs is a reputation management company founded by Darius Fisher, who has experience in public relations and marketing work in his past employment as a political consultant and copy writer for a marketing firm. The company works to make their clients look their best by altering search results in big name search engines. If the first page of a search yields negative results for a person, it can destroy their reputation. Studies show that people rarely navigate to the second page of search results. Because of this what goes onto the first page is important to a persons image. Status Labs works to bring positive content to the top of search results. The company does more than this, though. They also give advice on marketing and social media use as well as keeping information private.
In the case of Ashley Madison, many user’s addresses and credit card information were leaked as well. Status Labs is offering free advice and plans of action to pursue to restore personal and professional reputations of Ashley Madison hack victims. Status Labs is not in the business of judging people, but giving them a second chance. The company has already received several inquiries from politicians to small businessman seeking advice about how to deal with the hack. The company serves clients around the world and has offices in Sao Paulo, Brazil as well as Austin, Texas and New York City.

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