In today’s more forgiving and tolerant environment, there is still a bit this past in process for women seeking business success. Even with the addition of laws and rights for equal treatment of women, there are still many organizations that don’t give women the time of day. In terms of recognition both culturally and financially, women are still at the bottom of the totem pole.

Women still make substantially less money than their male counterparts. Though there are laws and statutes that have been added regarding equal pay for women over the years, the problem still exist. According to published reports, women only make 75% of the pay men make at a similar occupation or position. This number still holds even with women that have the same length of job experience and background qualifications as men.

But something new and different is happening in workplaces across America. Women are deciding that the secondary treatment they receive is inadequate. In many situations, we now see women leaving their corporate jobs and starting their own enterprises. Instead of allowing a male-dominated workplace to dictate what kind of money they could make or the opportunities that they can have, more and more women are striking out on their own.

While it’s happening more and more, research shows that there is still a lot to do to equate the positions of the men and women in the workplace. When the stats regarding women in business leadership roles are scrutinized, they show a glaring need for concern. According to the survey, only 15% of businesses with an executive board has a woman in their ranks. According to another statistic, just 3% of all businesses in America are run by women. This is a telling and a disheartening sign, especially when the given the fact that businesses with a woman in a leadership position is more likely to succeed than those that have a woman in charge.

Paper of a woman who succeeded in the ranks of leadership is Susan McGalla. McGalla began her extensive career working as a marketing manager for Joseph Horn Company. From there she assumed the position of CEO of American Eagle, one of the biggest clothiers in the world. She then assumed the executive position of CEO for Wet Seal, a California-based surf clothing and accessory line. She now works for the Pittsburgh Steelers, one of the most prolific teams in the National Football League. She assumed the position of the Director of Strategic Planning for the organization.

Throughout her extensive career, McGalla has learned the many aspects of not only marketing the company, but also running and managing the various aspects of the day-to-day multinational corporation. She is a shining example of what women in business can do, and just how far they can go.

There are many examples of how women are changing business. The transformation of the business world to a climate of equal opportunity and incentives are quickly becoming a thing of the present. Like sex party way for many other women to show their ability and weren’t in the workplace, and overcome adversity and challenges in a business environment that may not always welcome women.

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