When it comes to artificial intelligence it has for many years been something that we have only known in books and movies. This is not the case in modern day technology however. Artificial Intelligence is something that many tech companies have been using in their endeavors for quite some time. Companies now are using this technology more and more everyday. There are online companies now that are creating amazing results while using artificial intelligence. These companies are really changing the face of the internet with what they are doing.

Flipora is a company that is really taking advantage of what artificial intelligence has to offer. There content that they provided their users is really catching on, and also catching the attention of the business world. Unlike many other types of search engines, the artificial intelligence of Flipora tracks users and the type of content that they use on a regular basis. This is something that will give users a fuller experience without having to really scour the internet for all of the content that they need.

This is really brining a lot of interest to investors in the business world. With 5 million dollars of capital raised it will only be up from here for the amazing technology that Flipora is bringing to the world. It will be exciting to see how users really adapt to this new type of internet experience. Flipora could become a very big competitor for many of the more traditional search engines. This may mean there could be some serious acquisition in the future by one of the major names, likely Google.

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