A growing number of people are wine fans. They love the taste and aroma of a rare and fine wine. Many find that it is difficult to find a source that distributes the exact type of wines that they desire. Fortunately, The AWC has solved that problem for those that enjoy fine wines. The Antique Wine Company specializes in those rare and fine wines. Their headquarters is in London. The name of the founder is Stephen Williams. The rare and fine wine company has been distributing fine wines to customers since 1982.



The wine company is known for all the rare and vintage wines that they supply to customers. The Antique Wine Company is also known for their collection of fine wines that are stored in a vintage wine cellar. Certainly, wine lovers across the globe would love to get a personal glimpse of their famous wine cellar. Here are a few more interesting facts about the rare and vintage wine company. They created the Grand Chateau Series, which contains some of the highest priced wine bottles in the world. The AWC also holds the record for selling the most expensive bottle of white wine ever sold.


The AWC Expands

Of course, The Antique Wine Company was the first to recognize the need for a worldwide distributor of rare and vintage wines. This led to the company expanding their sales and account management team. The need for a good sales and management force was integral in this new expansion process. The expansion is due to hit the Asia market with a bang. Hong Kong and the Philippines are their primary marketing targets in the Asian sector. The fact is that the Asian market is primarily responsible for their great success. The Asian market sales are approximately 40% of global sales. Find more on The Antique Wine Company on their Linkedin page.

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