Product recognition is a nascent industry which holds great promise for both companies and organizations. The basic goal of this technology is to enable shoppers and organizations better identify products. One function of this technology relates to sales and marketing. Another function is found in enabling customers to have better information on the products they are interested in obtaining. This information can include locations near them or pricing variations between these locations.

By matching products with local or online availability, consumers are better able to find things for which they are looking. This can be accomplished through pictures of items or even pictures in print ads or billboards. This type of product recognition helps take visual cues and turn them into e-commerce or brick and mortar commerce transactions.

While many companies have developed apps and services in this new and growing technology sector, one of them clearly stands out as the leader. They have expanded beyond the basic premises of identifying items for the purpose of commerce. They have developed new capabilities as well as enhanced the standard product recognition aptitudes which many others are pursuing in their technology brand.

Slyce is the leader in this arena. Their services do not only allow for a visual search product recognition event to turn into an instant purchasing opportunity. Their ‘Snap-to-Buy’ feature is at the forefront of helping the inspired user by integrating the technology with companies’ mobile websites and apps. Their ‘Relevancy Engine’ helps better identify proper matching by using a proprietary technology to match attributes and further enable users. This technology uses proprietary algorithms to better eliminate non-matches and more quickly and accurately identify items.

In an age dominated by social media, Slyce enables users to take advantage of the #hashtag universe in identifying items by pictures, product number scans, URLs, and other means. This technology is also able to assist in advertising campaigns. This additional marketing service enables companies to add that extra zing to their advertising efforts.

Photos have become a source of identifying items. Product recognition based upon photos will continue to morph and grow as technologies change. Software packages will keep pace thereby availing themselves of these advances. Slyce leads the way in this development.

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