Beneful is one of the leading brands of dog food that is produced by Nestle Purina PetCare. Beneful is a carefully designed product that is geared towards ensuring that any dog lives a happy and energetic life. The number one rule at Beneful is that the dog always is of the first priority. What makes Beneful one of the best products to give any dog is the fact that real and wholesome ingredients are sold within each can or bag. The food that is sold for dogs includes real meat and real vegetables. All of the ingredients that are used are created in such a way for the dogs that they will be drooling at the site of it.

Each bite of this Beneful tasty treat is full of nutrition for the dog. The two main types of dog food that are sold at Beneful are wet food and the dry food. The wet food that is sold through Beneful includes excellent proteins such as beef, chicken, lamb, or pork. The texture of the Beneful wet food is also appealing. The texture of the food is diced into small pieces, yet large enough pieces so that the owner and the dog can see what is being consumed. Other ingredients such as barely, carrots, rice, as well as green beans are also used to complete this healthy meal. The wet food that is sold through Beneful comes in at least 20 different varieties so any dog will never become tired of the product.

One of the other signature products that is sold through Beneful are the delicious baked snacks. These delicious and nutritious baked doggy snacks are available in all sorts of flavors including bacon, cheese, beef, as well as peanut butter. The texture of the snack is what makes it a favorite. The textures of the snacks come in an assortment from being shortbread like to being crispy and airy as what a cracker is.

Beneful is a brand that was created and expanded by Purina. Purina influenced Beneful to becoming one of the most pet-loving companies. Even the atmosphere at Beneful is friendly towards pets. Owners are constantly encouraged to bring their best friend into work. While at work, the dogs can sit and relax by the owners work-space or they can play in the playground that was specially designed for dogs.

As of 2015, Purina was recognized as the 3rd best brand of dog food in the country. The company was specifically recognized as the 3rd best place in the country to work at. The mindset behind making the environment happy is that if the workers who work for Purina as well as branches such Beneful are happy, than the dog food will then make customers happy. The mentality at brand name factories such as Beneful is that happiness is always translated into the product. Beneful, for the last few years has been expanding its name brand into a international corporation that is dedicated to only providing the best product that can be provided.

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