There are few things more important to a dog’s life than to get a healthy meal on I think that exercise is important, and affection is important to keeping your dog happy. However, if you don’t feed your dog right, then you can expect the dog to not be as happy or active. This is the reason that I chose to donate so much of my time to looking through articles on the web that discuss dog foods like Beneful on I found a great one over on the Daily Herald that talks all about premium dog food companies, and I was interested in sharing that with everyone here. 

I find that Beneful provides a great mixture of flavor and nutrition that any dog would like to eat. My dogs love the taste, and I can tell because they finish their bowls of food quickly. Beneful uses real ingredients in their foods, which is something that makes me real admire the company. I can’t say enough good stuff about their food. I also like that their packaging tells you exactly what is in the food because I want to know what my dog is eating. 

The article also shows interviews with the business leaders of premium dog food companies on, and they tell some of their secrets behind their industry. It is really interesting information for any proud pet owner to read. 

My dogs love Beneful Chopped Blends, and I think I know why. If I were a dog, I would like the fact that the food has real pieces of chicken and real pieces of beef in it. There is also one that is made with salmon. In addition to the real meat in Chopped Blends, it has real vegetables and rice in the blend. They look good enough for people to eat, and they sure smell great. I think I might ask my dog to scoot over and share his food with me!

If you would like to read more about this subject, then you should check out that article from the Daily Herald that can be found by going to this site.

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