In her coming book, Yeonmi Park explains how fleeing from North Korea was just intended to spare her life, and on the off chance that could have stayed any longer with their family, perhaps they couldn’t have made due to starvation, illness, or even execution. However, she is proud to have been born in North Korea. The book is the account of Park’s fight for survival in the darkest, the most oppressive country on earth. In conclusion, she depicts her advancement as a fundamental human rights protester before the festival of her 21st birthday. The book will confer her exceptional life to the objective of bringing the changing story of North Korea and its human rights fight to more individuals. Park experienced issues in the hard-heartening and brutal North Korea as a benefit offspring until her father was caught in metal trade business between his country and China. Still in her thirsty for humanity appreciation and opportunity, Yeonmi, and her mother made arrangements to move from China. At a youthful age of 15 together with her mother and other three people, they walked around the Gobi desert with the help of the northern stars and compass. Nonetheless, the want for freedom kept them propelled. Yeonmi assumes that there are great possible results for North Korea to be united with South Korea. In her conviction, there should be no northerners or southerners of Korea, but Koreans are one. She presumes that change will take place in her country of birth on the off chance that she and other North Korean defectors continue pushing for human rights towards her country. In her early twenties, Yeonmi explains how she survived challenges that a few people of any age may never know—and very few individuals can ever recoup. Park defies her horrible experiences and continues campaigning on DailyMail for liberty in North Korea. In spite of everything, Park has never stopped making strides toward a transcendent life. Today, Yeonmi Park is a campaigner for human rights on Youtube attempting to positively influence the ongoing campaign due to the abuse happening in her nation of conception.

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