The PlayStation 3 had many exclusive games featured on the console. Games like God of War, Uncharted, and Killzone made the PlayStation 3 a necessary purchase for gamers. However, Uncharted may have been the most successful game in the system’s history. Some fans would argue that God of War is the best game in PlayStation 3’s history, but Uncharted is becoming a feature length film in the near future. Twitter users say that there has been no announcement of a God of War film, and that means that Uncharted is a more profitable title.

The Uncharted film will most likely come out in 2017, but production has not yet begun for the project. The filmmakers are unsure of which route to take when creating the Uncharted film. The director has said that he wants to avoid making a film similar to the ‘Indiana Jones’ series, but there were reports that Uncharted would follow in the footsteps of the National Treasure films.

An Uncharted film could be popular among many different demographics. Gamers, movie buffs, and action fans would most likely enjoy the Uncharted film. The game always felt like a movie to me anyways, and I’m sure it would crossover smoothly onto the big screen. For more information on this story, visit Gamerant.

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