White Shark Media is a leader in digital network marketing. The assist their clients in drawing in more traffic, developing leads and turning sales calls into successful sales. The company was founded in 2011 by industry experts, and its success came fast as its clients saw immediate results to the services they provided. The company has not been without some hitches, a situation that could have caused failure to others, but has only helped to strengthen White Shark Media, as they have adjusted their procedures to rectify these concerns.

Communication and reporting were two issues that faced numerous complaints. Business owners complained of feeling in the dark about the results of their ad campaigns, and reaching someone to provide them with answers was a challenge. Today, customers receive monthly status calls to update them on their progress and everyone receives a direct extension, so they are always able to reach a company contact when a question arises. There is also conversion and call tracking that are set up on each account for free, making every customer able to consistently review how their campaigns are performing.

There were also those customers who established an account with one customer service representative, but were then assigned another rep that they felt lacked the knowledge of the first. To improve this situation the company has made the sales consultants who established each account available to the clients. If any questions or concerns arise that the customer does not feel is properly being addressed, these representatives can assist.

Some customers complained that the services were not broad enough, for example not offering SEO services. Others were concerned that the campaigns were not as effective as they had hoped and even fell behind what they were previously doing. Today, every company is looked at individually. If old advertising methods were working, those are kept in place and new marketing procedures added in along with them. The staff is still working on an effective SEO program, as they feel far too many exist today that make a lot of promises, but add nothing. Once they have a system developed that they know can deliver what it advertises, they will add this to their roster of tools.

The sign of a sustainable company that is dedicated to remaining current and effective, is one that is willing to change. White Shark Media has always understood that digital marketing is a business that would require constant adaptions. Every potential client should be aware that the company is listening to all of their customer’s feedback and learning from it.

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