The dog food market has exploded with choices in recent years and there are now a wide range of different premium dog foods available for sale which are driving the market and winning the hearts of customers.

Some of these new premium dog food products are interesting and provide new slants on existing products, such as Beneful’s new online dog food ordering system. Still included is the high level of quality dog food that Purina Beneful always offers to their customers but added is a unique dog food ordering system that allows customers to customize the dog food that they are ordering for the tastes and needs of each breed. An innovative new product like this offering from Beneful lets dog owners have greater control over the health of their pet and help the dogs to avoid those foods that may lead to allergies or other health problems..

Contrast this to the more odd entries in the market of premium dog food. Mars’ Cesar delights has a new line of dog food with names and descriptions which match human food products and is supposed to pull in and attract pet owners who think that their dog needs some interesting new blends like lasagna and beef stroganoff. They don’t. While dogs are able to scrounge around and survive on a wide number of foods, they prefer meat in its raw form. There is an inconvenience that may be associated with raw meats and that is the need to refrigerate foods like Freshpet’s products that add a level of cost to the dog food.

This is what other food makers are offering in their pet food. Some brands are going for foods that include raw and unprocessed meats which are supposed to be more in line with what dogs were consuming while they were evolving. Others are expanding their organic food lines, as Beneful is. Often, these simple fixes like more natural and higher quality ingredients are better options than those dog food products which are more complex in nature and appeal to both the dogs themselves as well as their vets who will likely see less problems in the pets over the long term.




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